Welcome! One way or another, you've found your way here. Have a look around to find pictures and info for the Burning Man Honorarium Project, "Another Door".

What's Burning Man? It's a gathering of about 60,000 creative and intrepid individuals who live together for a week in a constructed community called Black Rock City, Nevada.

What's that got to do with 'Another Door'? This year, the Black Rock Arts Foundation funded our proposal to create this sculpture for Burning Man 2011.

What's the sculpture? Another Door is an interactive sculpture made primarily of doors, frames and walls. This structure creates passageways for the participant to navigate and experience. Each door is connected to one another through an overhead bicycle wheel and webbing mechanism so that when one door closes, another door opens. This will leave the viewer with a revelatory experience as to the unintended effects of their actions on other people's experiences.

Want to get involved? We appreciate people's involvement in any way, whether through donations, physically helping or just interest in our project. Click the "Get Involved" tab to find out more.

Get Involved

If you wanna help with the sculpture please send an email to anotherdoorproject@gmail.com and we will contact you with more information.

Below are some ideas of different ways you could be of assistance:
Organizer- Responsible for organizing build days, keeping us on schedule, fund-raising, and maintaining good communication between the Transport team, Money and all other crew members.
Welder- Responsible for all metal fabrication including welding cutting, grinding etc.
Wood-Building thresholds, walls, general structure, center platform
Transporter-Acquiring all materials and picking them up and transporting them
Rigging- Responsible for the webbing and door to door connections, guy lines and structural supports
Lighting- Specializes in the illumination and electrical aspects
Assembly- The muscle needed for the assembly, breakdown and loading of the whole structure
Moral Support- Friends, family and random folks who are interested in giving us words of encouragement, picking up burritos, telling us to take a break, and any other helpful and encouraging things.
Money- Deals with finances, and fund-raising